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When speaking to an acquaintance about Temecula Valley Homes, I was explaining that Temecula is often seen as a very rural community that is really far away from everything.  However, Temecula Valley homes are located right off of Interstate 15 in Southwest Riverside County.  Temecula Homes can be found while exiting Winchester Road, Rancho California Road and Highway 79 South off of Interstate 15. 

Some of the most beautiful areas can be found in Southwest Riverside County, and some of the most beautiful homes also.  The more Rural areas where Temecula Valley Homes are located are in the areas of La Cresta, De Luz, and The Temecula Wine Country.

Redhawk Homes

Homes In Redhawk

However, there are extremely popular communities that have Temecula Valley Homes that are located in less rural subdivisions, such as Temeku Hills, Vintage Hills, Chardonnay Hills, Crowne Hill, Morgan Hill, Redhawk and Starlight Ridge, Meadowview, Santiago Estates, and Rancho Santa Fe.

This last group of homes in Temecula are newer subdivisions and the way they were set up to include the lovely Temecula Valley landscape of rolling hills makes each of these communities unique.  Many of these highly sought after Temecula areas have homeowners association amenities such as pool, tennis courts, and walking trails.

The winding tree-lined streets of Temecula Valley Home give these communities added serenity and country like feel.

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New Homes Riverside County

There are many new home developments starting again all over Riverside County.  This tract will have great views and is right next to the Cleveland National Forest. 

New Homes Riverside County

New Homes Riverside County



I love the view of the lake and the prices are in the $250,000 range.  Call me for more information.  I visit the new home developments regularly and since I sold New Homes in the past I can help you negotiate a great deal on a new home! 



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Temecula Pedestrians



 Max and I were on our morning walk and encountered an enraged motorist.  

We were crossing the street at the corner of Crowne Hill and Vermont.   This corner does not have a cross walk but we had to cross the street to get home.  So I waited until the cross traffic which did have a stop sign came to a stop.  When I proceeded a huge white monster truck came up Crowne Hill and leaned on the horn just as we got to the middle of the street. 

So to make it clear…pedestrians do have the right of way when crossing the street, at a corner, even if there is no cross walk! 

Read the link below and please watch out for pedestrians and be courteous to them, they do have rights. 

California Driver Handbook  page with pedestrian rights: 

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Lake Elsinore Schools

When searching for a community to raise children, schools are a main concern.  However, even investors who are searching for homes in Southwest Riverside County are looking closely at schools as a guide to how healthy a community is and what the potential appreciation and resale value of the home will be.

Lake Elsinore Schools

Terra Cotta Middle School

Lake Elsinore Schools have really come a long way.   According to the Great Schools website, which is a National Non-profit organization with public forum, opinions as well as rankings based on collective test scores, Lake Elsinore Unified School District has many schools in the top rankings.   The Great Schools Website ranks schools from 1 to 10.

The Public Middle School with the highest ranking is Terra Cotta Middle School.  Terra Cotta is a California Distinguished School and also a “California Excellence in Arts School”.

I would encourage anyone who is planning on purchasing a home for any reason check out the Great Schools Website at to find out more about the schools in the area they are purchasing real estate.

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Temecula’s Crown Hill – A Great Master Planned Community

We had our own hot air balloon land right in the street here in Crown Hill on July 4th weekend!

We had our own hot air balloon land right in the street here in Crown Hill on July 4th weekend!

This is my first article about Crowne Hill.   
Crown Hill is the last Master Planned Community before the Temecula Wine Country begins.  After this community it is all 5 acre minimums.
We purchased a home here in Crown Hill in 2002 when the development was new.  Then, we moved to the Wine Country 20 minutes away.  Since moving back here to Crown Hill I have had to adjust to tract home living again….but living across from the park and having a pool have made it a much easier adjustment.
We moved back here to help our oldest teenager  go to college.  My youngest is still at Great Oak High anyway so we are saving a bundle on gas these days.

I love Crown Hill because it is well, “on a hill” and the views are great.  We get a great breeze in the evenings which cools everything off even on the hottest days.

Crown Hill has it’s own elementary school called, “Crown Hill Elementary”.  Middle school kids go to Vail Ranch Middle School and High School kids go to Great Oak. 

This is my introductory post on Crown Hill and I will post more about Crown Hill this week!
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Temecula Real Estate | Government Moritoruim On Foreclsoures Lifted

I’ve updated the information in this post since speaking to a Wells Fargo Banking advisor – 11/09

GetMediaCA23NKLBIt was introduced as Senate Bill X2-7 and has continued and will still be in effect for certain mortgages until 2011.  What is means is that there is a delay in the processing of foreclosed homes. 

This is how Fannie Mae explained how they handled the moratorium:

Fannie Mae’s “suspension”, of foreclosures on occupied single-family properties, which began on November 26, 2008,  was in full force for the majority of the first quarter of 2009. The suspension was a temporary measure to ensure that borrowers had access to help while Fannie Mae put in place additional foreclosure-prevention practices.

What this means for our current real estate market is that we will NOT begin seeing more bank owned properties available for purchase.  There will not be a huge release of “Bank Owned”, homes  all at once.

Certain loans that are affected by the moratorium will have their “Notice of Default”, filed with the County Recorder’s office but no “Foreclosure Action”, will take place until  moratorium is lifted for that particular loan.  Remember that every home loan that falls under a certain criteria will not have foreclosure action taken against it until the moratorium for that loan is lifted.  Some will not be affected until 2011!!!

In Temecula the amount of foreclosed properties has decreased and as soon as one is available there are several offers within days of the property showing up in the MLS.

No one is overjoyed at the prospect of more foreclosures however, we all knew it was coming as an expected result of our current economic crisis.

Hopefully, the homeowners who have lost their homes can begin the path to recovery.  It is a hardship that is difficult to endure and I personally know of several families who are living with  relatives to regain their composure after they lost their home.

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Temecula Short Sales | What Is An Approved Short Sale?

Temecula Short Sales

Temecula Short Sales

The Temecula Valley has many homes for sale that are in the category of  a short sale.

What is a Short Sale?

A short sale is simply when a homeowner tries to sell their home for less than they originally agreed to pay.

In order to do this the homeowner must fill out documentation provided by the bank called a “Short Sale Package”.  The short sale package includes information about the borrower/home owner’s financial situation.  If the bank is going to take less than the borrower originally owed them then the bank wants documentation stating why the borrower cannot pay the payments that he/she had previously agreed to pay and ultimately must sell the home to get out from under the debt. 

When the short sale is approved then the borrower/owner can accept an offer from a buyer who agrees to pay the current market value, based on recent sold comparables.

Short sales take time to process but once they are in the status of  “Approved Short Sale”, then the escrow can go through and a new buyer is able to purchase the home.  Some buyers who are waiting for a short sale to be approved simply give up waiting.  Then the listing agent looks for another buyer.  This is a good way to find a home…..if you are going to purchase a short sale make sure it is an “Approved Short Sale”.

Banks will do a BPO, “Broker Price Opinion”, which is like a mini appraisal that determines the current value of the home, based on comparable sold sales.

So there is a quick explanation of the difference from a Short Sale and an Approved Short Sale.

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